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Walleter - Simple Money App


Walleter is a simple pocket money record book.It keeps track of your wallet's incomes, expenses, and remaining balance.It does not have unnecessary functions.You only enter your incomes and expenses. Recommended for people who do not need complicated functions.------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Walleter has four main functions:■ Checking the remaining balanceWhen you open the app, you will immediately see the remaining balance displayed in a large size.A graph is also displayed to show your incomes and expenses.
■ Checking the accounting record graphYour incomes and expenses for each day, week, and month are shown in a graph and in numbers.You can see how much you spent during a specific period.
■ Entering your incomes and expensesWhen you open the app, you can immediately enter your incomes and expenses.You only enter the monetary amounts. Entering the product name, purpose, etc., is not necessary.
■ Reminder to enter your incomes and expensesYou will receive a notification at the specified time every day so you don't forget to enter the amounts.
■ This app is for people:· who cannot stick to something.· who only want to know how much is left in their wallets.· who are only good at entering the incomes and expenses.
this software includes the work that is distributed in the Apache License 2.0